What we do


The government of the Netherlands offered an ANG 170 million loan with 0% interest to the Curaçao government, who then passed on this loan to GSH. 

Girobank will pay all its depositors up to a maximum amount of ANG 1.2 million. GSH, in turn, will cover these payouts up to a total of ANG 170 million (the amount of the loan). This solution gives special priority to natural persons and smaller business clients affected by a lack of access to their funds at Girobank. 



If you have a loan with Girobank, you now have a loan with GSH!

All contract terms for clients with a Girobank loan will remain in place.  Payment instructions for your loans will also remain in place and do not change for now. All liens, collateral, guarantees, and other instruments used by Girobank to secure your loan will be transferred to GSH and remain equally valid.


During the months of May and June 2021, all loan portfolio operations will migrate fully to GSH. You will gradually receive letters and emails and further information about your loan(s), your account manager, and all other matters related to your former Girobank loan. 


You will simply continue to comply with the loan contract as agreed with Girobank. Nothing changes. All terms and conditions will remain the same. GSH will now administer your loan instead of Girobank.


For now. the monthly payment instructions for your loan will also remain in place with Girobank as usual. In a few months, you will receive new payment instructions for your loan with GSH.


GSH avails of the same rights and authorities as Girobank in terms of loan executions, repossession of collateral, auctions, and related matters.


If you are having difficulty repaying your loan, we suggest you make an appointment right away through the online appointments button on this website.


GSH does not grant any skip-a-pay possibilities or other types of moratoria on monthly obligations. However, we can re-shape and re-structure your loan, if needed.