(including car and personal loans)

No. The terms and conditions of the loan contract signed with Girobank N.V. apply fully. There is no need to enter into a new or separate agreement with GSH. Your loan payments continue as normal on the Girobank account. Just keep your current payment instructions in place. In case loan payment instructions change, GSH will inform you in advance.

You will maintain your account contact with Girobank N.V. for the months of May and June 2021. During this period GSH will start its operations fully. Some Girobank staff will migrate to GSH. In July 2021 it should be clear who your account manager is. You can call 433-9228 for more information.

Yes, you have to make your loans/mortgage payments (including interest) as contractually agreed. Nothing changes with regard to your loan obligations, you should continue to pay the loan until it is entirely paid off. In case that a client moves to another bank, the client still has the responsibility to pay off the entire loan (including interest).

The procedures of the loan contract as entered into with Girobank N.V. apply and dictate that all clients must pay a penalty in case of early payoff of their loans. Given certain circumstances, GSH could opt to waive this penalty. Please contact us.

Borrowers must comply with their repayment obligations to GSH in the same manner as with Girobank. Keep your payment instructions unchanged. You will simply continue to pay as contractually agreed with Girobank. Any changes in payment instructions will be communicated to the borrowers in a timely manner.

No, but GSH can waive the penalty fee for early pay off.

Up until the moment that your loan was officially transferred to GSH (30 april 221), your balance was debited with the amount in arears on the loan(s) with Girobank and the remaining amount will be paid out by Girobank N.V. After 20 april 2021 your loan transferred to GSH.

Please fill-in the appointment form on this website to arrange your visit to GSH or call us at 433-9228.

GSH has received your loan from Girobank N.V. as payment for a facility that has enabled Girobank to settle its debts with its depositors. Any (legal) disputes will proceed with Girobank as counterparty, under the CBCS moratorium rules. GSH is a Special Purpose Vehicle set-up to liquidate the loan portfolio of Girobank. As a separate legal entity, GSH does not take-over the (legal) disputes that customers have with Girobank N.V. It is important for GSH to know if you are in a (legal) dispute with Girobank N.V., please inform us via info@gshcuracao.com or make an appointment with us via the appointments form on this website.

Yes, the legal agreement between Girobank and GSH determines that GSH is the legal recipient beneficiary of all liens, collaterals, guarantees, or other instruments provided as coverage or security for your loan. Girobank beneficiary is automatically considered to be GSH beneficiary.


Yes, given the fact that Girobank N.V. operates as broker for different insurance companies and is not the insurer itself, the insurance coverage will remain valid. Any forthcoming changes with regard to the transfer to GSH will be communicated to clients in a timely manner.

Given the fact that Girobank N.V. operates as broker for the insurance companies, the insurance policy will not expire and fees will be automatically debited from your account.


No. Your account relationship is not transferred to GSH but will continue with Girobank N.V.

All information about the pay-out up to NAf. 1.200.000,- is explained on the Girobank website.

GSH is working on making all loan related information, such as your loan balance, client update information, guarantee information, or other components pertaining to your loan, as digital as possible over the coming months. If you require a loan balance letter, interest letter, or other loan-related declaration, please contact us.

Remember that all products carry a fee.

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